About 3C

  • 2013

    Exclusively partner with the largest OEM of softgel plant in British Columbia in Canada, Viva Pharmaceutical Inc. and successfully break the best record of be the largest importer of Collagen into Thailand (over 100mt) and Vitamin C series (over 400mt)


    3C change its position from only 'being the key nutraceutical ingredients provider' to be 'Nutraceutical Consultant' in order to reflect its coverage scope of services for nutraceutical business that 3C offer to the clients


    3C refocus its product line by seeking & introducing Thai nutraceutical market with innovative nutraceutical ingredients


    3C select outstanding products of each manufacturers worldwide and pursue the exclusivity policy in order to concentrate specific products deeply with the long term commitment partner

  • 2004

    3C expand its product lines to begin to import and distribute of key nutraceutical using in food supplement / food & beverage industry


    3C was established by Mr Suthep & Mrs Niramon Songpornprasert importing fine chemical using in pharmaceutical industry