About 3C

Cosmic Concord Corp., Ltd. (3C)

3C Group is a Nutraceutical development company which provide key services you'd need to develop an innovative nutraceutical products. At 3C,we serve our customers with a diversified portfolio of nutraceutical ingredients. The formulations developed by our expertise combine knowledge from our tight partnership globally, registration team that will assure the innovative nutraceutical that we develop can get registration from FDA legally and timely. Our management team merge between experienced people with over 30yrs of combined experience in nutraceutical ingredients and new generation who equip with expertise knowledge in pharmacist to ensure that the quality control grow ally with organization expansion.

All in all, we summarize our uniqueness called 'P-E-N-S' which means:

  1. Professional Consulting service : we provide consulting service to help the clients in developing nutraceutical by designing superior formula, sourcing high quality raw material, registration to ensure that the high quality and safe nutraceutical will be launched into Thai market successfully.
  2. Expertise team : leading by pharmacist who's full of expertise & experience in nutraceutical business over a century. The team comprise of other pharmacists, nutritionist, food scientist, marketing team and strong international purchasing team to assure that we can transfer knowledge obtain from global manufacturers into Thailand
  3. Nutraceutical ingredients : 3C Group has been the expert in nutraceutical ingredients sourcing over 10 yrs. At present, 3C Group is proud to present more than 10 brand ingredients those are reputable eg. Colla1000D, HACP, Collaska, GlutaC, Kionutrime-bloc, etc.
  4. Synergy Global&Local manufacturer knowledge : 3C Group is the Exclusive partner of VIVA Pharmaceutical, nutraceutical factory from Canada and authorized partner of nutraceutical factories in Korea and Taiwan. Besides, we also have 6 main local contract manufacturers as partners. 3C Group synergies the technology and knowledge from every parties together here in order to help the clients in development of high efficiency & efficacy of nutraceutical to respond to the real market's need.
3C GROUP precisely comprised of two companies:
  1. Cosmic Concord Corp., Ltd.
    Cosmic is the core business of 3C Group who is the leading in nutraceutical ingredients provider. Cosmic has represented many trustful products globally to provide functional ingredients using in numerous brands of dietary supplement available in the market today. The company focus in importing, marketing and distributing key Nutraceutical ingredients as well as specialty chemical using in Pharmaceutical(APIs) ,Beverage and Food industry. The functional ingredients those Cosmic supply are 100% quality guaranteed and possess clear competitive edge which give efficacious solution to body mainly to enhance healthy, beauty and longevity of human in Thailand. The business has a humble start since 1980 and because of its commitment quality and ethic that the firm hold firmly, it has a strong foundation that help the firm to grow rapidly. Cosmic works in close partnership with many selective oversea suppliers located in Canada Belgium, Japan, China, etc. as our exclusive partner for Thailand market.

  2. AlphaScience Co., Ltd.
    AlphaScience was established as part of 3C Group in order to strengthen 3C Group's position as nutraceutical developing company who provide efficient formula of dietary supplement by both ready to serve (or) customized upon the clients' need & budget. At AlphaScience, we place high importance on research and development that can innovate the nutraceutical products to satisfy our customers both efficacy, taste and colors according to the clients' concepts.

    3C is proud for being an important part of the society to improve the quality of life for Thais as well as the countries those our clients export their high quality nutraceutical products to.